Originally trained as a filmmaker, Johan Robach has now produced professional imagery for over eighteen years.


Working mostly with manufacturing industry, he has designed over 150 web sites, shot over 1.000 published still images, over 5.000 printed pages and produced over 50 promotional videos.


His repertoire includes work with animation, hazardous environments, highly restricted areas and conditions often inaccessible to photographers.


Johan has an eye for how imagery should be created to fit in a narrative.


His documentary project, about British Ceramic Artist Carl Cunningham-Cole has to date been broadcast by national television in eight countries, counting over 3 million viewers. Since then his bulk of video productions have been corporate.


An avid hiker, Johan has visited many parts of the world. Iceland and Norway are favorites.


Spare time projects include writing books. The first – a  230-page Environmental Technology Manual – was published in 2018. Manuscripts include three feature film scripts and three novels.


He currently resides in Sweden.